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[26 Jan 2007|10:42am]

who has some mp3s handy of action tiger. it's time to make a myspace music to thrust our legacy into the 22nd century.

it's easier than updating the webpage, right.
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i got this email today [09 Feb 2004|12:42pm]

there is this new ann arbor punks zine called bad ideas that josh sanchez
and many others made. on the back there is an ad soliciting old
recordings, out-of-print records and live stuff by defunct ann arbor
bands. there is a list of wanted bands, the first two of which are aab &
action tiger. congratulations! you are an integral part of the history
of ann arbor punk music. also, this means that someone is interested in
re-issuing action tiger records.


ps: could we also change the interest of "juno" to the interest of "roland juno 60" ... i don't want there to be an ounce of confusion.
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Planny-plans... [25 Dec 2003|06:12pm]

Is there anything going on tomorrow night? I can borrow the mini-van to get somewhere... so as to monkey about. I do need to be back in Livonia for family-shite Sat afternoon.

Saturday evenin'... is there any one that can cart me and my shitty-shit back to Ann Arbor so I can meet up with folk and then Josh on Sunday so as to go home? And maybe stay at the house of Christ?

My # at my folks place is: 734 425 6088

Or email... I've been checking every few hours.

Merry xmas and stuff.

This is how Christmas makes me feel as of late:

Bah gooomba!
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[18 Dec 2003|11:27am]

nate, nate, nate

do not forget the 606.

sean, when will you be here?
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ahoy action tiger [03 Dec 2003|02:44pm]

hey, can we all be at wcbn in the evening of december 23rd?

we're slated to be on the local music show on december 24th, but i can't physically be there; nate and i are doing radio from 11 - 1am on the 23rd and j. voss and i have discussed pre-taping a performance.

this is not very far away, so please all discuss what you've got going on, or action tiger is going to be solely me and juno and y'all are going to be real embarrassed.

love, melissa
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[31 Oct 2003|09:32pm]

attention action tiger:

today when i was in the bathroom for like 3 hours, voss knocked on the door and said, "melissa, if it's okay with you i want to book action tiger for a special christmas local music show." i said, "sure, i guess ... i don't know ... did you ask chris?" he said, "yeah, chris said it sounded good." i said, "well fine then, it sounds good." and he said, "okay."

just lettin' y'all know.

i love that this has replaced more common sense things like "email" or "telephones".

love, melissa
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[29 Oct 2003|04:52pm]

attention nate and sean:

please supply us with the dates you shall be in michigan in december. i think you know what i'm thinking.

gracias/de nada/that's what i thought,
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[10 Dec 2002|01:37pm]

attention action tiger. it has come to our attention that we must interpret Handel's Messiah. please advise. ideas? instruments? collaboration methods? timing?
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[09 Sep 2002|05:40pm]

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[09 Sep 2002|03:16pm]

chris, can we finish that "which member of action tiger are you?" quiz ?

maybe we will revitalize the quiz scene on livejournal!
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[09 Sep 2002|02:04pm]

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[09 Sep 2002|01:02pm]

so here's my plan. we need to come up with an album's worth of song titles and track times. then we each compose some sound to match up with our own interpretations of each song title. then we each assemble an album from these parts that match up to the track titles and times. at this point we have a 4 disk set... action tiger: the lost album. we should have liner notes that explain our theories behind having 4 cds, discuss other great multi-disc albums, etc... who's in?
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[08 Sep 2002|06:12pm]

A tumultous history crowned with internet glorification.

I will never know why our excellent and content-filled website was taken down.
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